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Méthodes Nous avons menée une étude à visée descriptive et analytique comportant un volet ré-trospectif du 01 janvier au 31 décembre portant sur les paramètres épidémiologiques, cliniques des nouveau-nés hospitalisés et un volet prospectif du 3 octobre au 29 février par une entrevue des accompagnateurs des nouveau-nés et des prestataires des services de santé. Taille: Le téléchargement de votre version d'essai à démarré! To overcome these challenges and shore up progress, the country must remain aligned with the coordinated efforts of CEMAC countries and continue the fiscal consolidation already under way. Growth in Equatorial Guinea improved but remained negative.

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Méthodes Nous avons menée une étude à visée descriptive et analytique comportant un volet ré-trospectif du 01 janvier au 31 décembre portant sur les paramètres épidémiologiques, cliniques des nouveau-nés hospitalisés et un volet prospectif du 3 octobre au 29 février par une entrevue des accompagnateurs des nouveau-nés et des prestataires des services de santé. L'entrevue a porté sur accompagnateurs et 76 prestataires. Conclusion: La subvention a amélioré la prise en charge du nou-veau-né mais son optimisation nécessiterait une meilleur information et implication de tous les acteurs.

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In spite of its small size and its relatively small population among other African countries, it has found its place in the international community thanks to its wealth in hydrocarbons and a privileged geographical position. What was the national policy that guided this transformation? The first was the diversification of funding sources, reducing the historical dependence of our economic structure on the raw materials.

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This is a problem that dates back to the colonial era because everything was structured to make this country a place of extraction of materials that were then exported. With the arrival of hydrocarbons in the s, the same issue happened. It should be taken into account that when Equatorial Guinea proclaimed its independence during the eighties, it was a very difficult period for the country and it was one of the poorest in the world. At the 2nd National Conference, political and civil society representatives had to think about how to manage this structure and, at the same time, maximize the benefits of oil.

When we became an oil economy at the beginning of , we said to ourselves: now we have resources but, how are we going to improve the living conditions of the population? This one was our second aspiration.

Finally, our country and His Excellency the President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, have a pan-African vision: the continent has suffered common problems, handicaps and historical aggression that make us believe that our destiny is also common.


What were your achievements so far and the challenges that lie ahead? In the area of infrastructure, the development has been spectacular: we now have a totally transformed country thanks to one of the best highway networks on the continent, we have built five new seaports and eight new airports and we have managed to expand cities like Malabo, Mongomo, Cogo Social infrastructure is also palpable thanks to a social housing program and the construction of hospitals, schools, universities and, at the same time, the establishment of a water supply and sanitation system.

We must not forget the human capital, which is our backbone. Currently, we have healthier, better educated and more ambitious citizens, in the good sense of the word. The proof: Equatorial Guinea is one of the countries that has succeeded in reducing maternal mortality, one of the Millennium Development Goals MDGs set in As regards governance, we have reformed the Constitution by introducing new constitutional bodies such as the Senate, the Council of the Republic, the Council for Economic and Social Development and, finally, the Court of Accounts.

On the other hand, we have limited the duration of the Golden Book 29 consequences of this dependence during the crisis. It was very bad news for us but it allowed us to be aware of the importance of economic diversification, our unfinished project. We can say that the crisis happened when we had to invest in the productive sector, but this situation should not be used as an excuse to break our commitments. In order to achieve the desired objectives, the investment is divided into four main axes: fishing, thanks to a huge exclusive economic zone; agriculture, because this country is extremely fertile; tourism, which offers a unique culture rich in very diverse landscapes; besides industry and energy.


We have developed a very strong resilience and inventive ability. All of this helps to find a balance in political power and to strengthen accountability, which translates into transparency. It is a fantastic work that we enjoy today but, like any human work, it is imperfect. After the fall in the price of oil, most producing countries had to face an economic recession and had to reconsider their energy dependence, have you found an alternative to this new situation?

Our country has suffered the dramatic 30 Investment destination: Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea is a country that is little-known to the general public, how has it managed to find a place in the international community of inventors? Although the country is not well enough known, we have managed to connect it, logistically and through value chains, with neighboring countries but also with the rest of the world.

Among the examples, our national airline Ceiba Intercontinental. We are faithful to the vision of our president who defends the idea of sustainable development, while taking into account our African reality and our commitment to the continent. Africa is a growing territory but we do not see it from the outside, which is a problem for the whole continent in general and for Equatorial Guinea in particular.

We believe that African integration will promote a free trade area and create an important economic block. The opportunities are here. Everything is here. The African Cup of Nations CAN in , the most important sporting event of the continent, is undoubtedly the best example. We want to ensure that everything that oil has offered us is transformed into a firm and consistent leadership that can contribute to the development of other African countries.

What is this pan-African vision that you are defending? If there is one thing that separates us from our neighboring countries, it is the linguistic question because we are the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa and this sometimes makes Equatorial Guinea not sufficiently known.

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We tried to overcome this obstacle by recognizing French and Portuguese as official languages. Today, almost the entire administrative staff fluently masters English and even Chinese. What seems to be our biggest problem are states that help to maintain stereotypes about Equatorial Guinea, which is demeaning to our country and discouraging potential investors. In many countries, other than in Africa, the people do not know that we have million young people and that by we will reach one billion.

They do not know that the greatest expansion of information Equatorial Guinea has hosted the 54th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the African Development Bank ADB from 11 to 14 June , what is the relationship between this institution and the host country?


We are aware that we have not been very active in raising finance during the last decade because we have managed to finance our development with our own resources generated by oil and thanks to the economic policy that we have conducted so far.

But we never look back but ahead.

Rigorous Intuition: The Trouble with Normal

From now on, we will be more proactive in the search for support from institutions like the ADB. The fact that ADB has chosen our country as a meeting place is a great opportunity for us to show the world the transformation of the country, so that ADB knows better the needed resources and support.

We are proud to see how this development tool ADB has experienced an important growth in recent years and, above all, to see the leadership of its president, Akinwumi Adesina, who has recently visited us to closely note our progress.

We are building the Africa we want, following the pattern of United Nations, so that no one is left behind.

During the year , the discovery of oil at the Zafiro well changed the course of the country, which became the fourth producer of Sub-Saharan Africa and which exceeded , barrels a day in , according to the report of the giant British Petroleum.


In a single decade, this small republic has increased its GDP by 35 times, which, according to the United Nations Human De- velopment Index , is the largest growth in per capita income in the world. The production of hydrocarbons continues to be the main source of wealth regeneration in the country.

However, in recent years, and as key results of Agenda , the economic structure of Equatorial Guinea is converging towards a balance between the hydrocarbons sector and the rest of the sectors..